The Procurement -> Statistics report “Materials used in shipped goods” lists for the shipped products in the period:

  • The raw materials used in the products' Manufacturing Orders.
  • The items which were resold - i.e. items that were received with a PO and shipped to the customer.

So, it shows items, which originated from:

  • a Purchase Order, or
  • a manual stock adjustment.

If you have adjusted inventory manually:

  • The report may include items that were entered with a manual stock adjustment, in which case no further breakdown into the raw materials can be done by MRPeasy.
  • This means that a final product or subassembly which is entered with a manual stock adjustment and shipped to the customer is shown in that report. MRPeasy does not know what actual materials were used to make it - so it only lists the product itself and its cost which was entered during adjustment.
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